Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tornado special

For those of you who are interested, the Discovery Channel is going to feature footage from the May 29 tornado that hit Kearney earlier this year. The Storm Chasers special will air at 10pm ET on Sunday. And here is a link to our local paper with video and pictures:
For those who have been to Kearney, the first 5 minutes or so in this video shows the storm chasers traveling North on 2nd Avenue, with the camera focusing toward the Northwest, which is where you would find our house.
Steve wasn't home during this storm, but Whitney and I were, and spent the duration of the tornado in our basement. Even though it was daylight outside, it got eerily dark. We were blessed that we didn't sustain any major damage, but all of our neighbors can't say the same thing.


Sarah said...

THAT was scary! I don't know how people "storm chase". What I find amusing is how they are so aghast that people are driving out in the storm!!! :)

Scott said...

Wow, that was really something. I remember one day in Montgomery when 7 tornados were sighted, but nothing as severe as the ones you endured.

Truman said...

What an exciting video! I assume it's the same one that will be on the Discovery Channel. Hard to believe that the "chasers" didn't get hurt from all the flying debris and hard to believe, also, that there were other cars on the streets. Hope you never have to experience another night like that.