Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Pat and I drove down Rt. 97 through Bellville and Butler to Mohican State Park and it was a beautiful sunny day. We climbed the firetower and drove to the river and hiked along the trail past Big Lyons Falls, Little Lyons Falls and up to the top of the dam of Pleasant Hill Lake, and then back - 4.5 miles roundtrip. The river was flowing nicely and the water was clear. We noticed the trail from the river to the top near the overlook is no longer open and there are no more campgrounds at the top. We drove over the covered bridge and into the campground along the river where many people were eating lunch on the picnic tables there.

We drove out of the gorge and up to Mohican Lodge. It looked well maintained and we ate in the dining room for lunch - um good! After lunch, Pat and I sat on some lounge shcirs outside in the warm sunshine, with a nice view of the lake, and reminisced about our family reunion of years ago when our kids were young. From there we drove to Gatton's Rocks and noticed many people swimming and lounging - even with no trespassing signs in several places? I wanted to see if I could find Garber's Fruit Farm - where Mom and Dad and us kids would stop for apples and cider - back in the day. We crossed the bridge by Wade & Gatton Nursery and wound around, up and down, some hills and I kept turning right till we were on Garber Rd! We drove slowly by the white barn where we used to stop, but there wasn't any sign indicating it was a retail place anymore. We had a lovely time!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

On June 19, Noelle Lee Anding arrived. Nate and Heather have their first girl and the 3 boys are very excited.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Coleman Road

I rode my mike past Maple Lake park and they now have a climbing wall their. I turned right onto Taylor Rd. and went past what used to be Crall's store and remembered going there for a soda and some candy. I turned left onto Coleman Rd and rode past the homes of many of my friends: Larry Williams, Tim Browarski, Mike Murray, and Mike O'Brien. As I pedaled along, I noticed the street looks pretty much the same and the people there are keepings their homes and yards in good shape. As I approached 578, I saw the two blue spruces in the front yard are still there, and they are very tall - and the branches don't go all the way to the ground now. The pin oak tree Dad had planted on the west side of the house is huge! There is a ramp up the front steps and a white fence is still around the back yard. The oak tree enclosed therein is still there. At the corner I turned left and rode past the old Flynn residence and turned left into the alley, now called Cameo Lane. I coasted past the back of Chiverton's place and it looked in need of some tender loving care - the yard. The Lilacs that were behind our fence are gone and I could see a raised deck within the fenced in area, so they could come out and onto the deck from the level of the house. the side yard was visible and the tv tower was gone. I pedaled along the rest of the alley and ended up on Euclid Ave. and went by Brinkerhoff school, and safety town was set up on the playground. It was a beautiful day for exercise and remembrances.