Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Santa Claus postings and comments have been very enjoyable - a good example of how a blog can create the opportunity for dialog among family members. Of course, I remember the Cleveland trip and the search for the Venus Paradise Pencil sets. And I remember being thankful that we found them. How disappointing it might have been if we couldn't have. I don't remember how they were advertised, but it sure was effective.

I'm looking forward to seeing Pat and Steve Tuesday. They hope to arrive about 4:00 so we can have dinner together before going to see Mom. Megan, Steve and Whitney have plans to be in Ohio from the afternoon of January 8 until the afternoon of the 11th. Scott says he and Maureen may also come that weekend.

Have been enjoying Skype. It's working OK with Florida and Nebraska, but Mike couldn't see me during the conversation we had. Maybe it will work better next time. To partially help the timing problem (when to call?) I've been signing on at 7:30 most evenings for about five minutes to see if anyone wants to get on line. When I say most evenings, that's after I usually get back from visiting Mom. On Saturday I stay there until the Lawrence Welk show (starts at 7:00 on PBS) is over, and I could be later getting back her on some nights.

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Scott said...

The Venus Paradise Pencil sets were advertised on one of the Cleveland TV station kids shows. Must have been Mr. Jingaling as Steve remembers.