Sunday, April 26, 2009

I had just written about last week. When I viewed it in a new window, there was the posting by Leigh. What a nice surprise with more great pictures. The blog site has received a big injection of family stuff. That was the original intention. I hope it continues.
Those are great pictures, Rebecca. I really appreciate your posting. In fact, I had just about decided that the blog site may have run its course, because postings and comments (including my own) seemed to be drying up. I was about ready to send e-mails to find out how many are looking it with any regularity, or if at all. I hope your posting will generate some renewed interest.

The past week was interesting here. Mike and Sally were here on Tuesday. Then Eileen, John, Anya, Leigh, Jon and Felicity came on Saturday. We had very nice visits. I think all would agree that Mom was "interested". I thought she was going to say a couple words to Sally. I wish there was a way to understand what was in her mind when looking at Felicity. But the same question applies as she looks at all of us. We'll never know, but it's good to see her "smile with her eyes." That hasn't changed.

Visiting Columbus

This past weekend we met up with my parents to go visit Grandma & Grandpa. Last time we saw them was before Felicity was born so a visit to see them again was long overdue! Felicity actually sat on Grandpa's lap for a couple minutes, which is a big deal since she normally won't go to anyone new without fussing! She also brightened Grandma's face quite a bit too, or so I thought. Grandma could hardly keep her eyes off of her during the visit and reached out for her when we were leaving, I am sure it's been a while since she's seen a little one that small!
It was a great visit, and reminded me how blessed we are to belong to such a beautiful family. Here are three pictures of the visit, the last two are the same except for Anya and I trading places :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PopPop has been asking me to post some pictures and I finally have some to do it! Matthew is running track at Tomahawk Creek where I teach. Jordan just starred in our school play "Alice in Wonderland!" Matthew got into all 3 specialty centers where he applied, and chose Math/Science for high school. He will be in Spanish 4 and Algebra II/Trig as a 9th grader! We are so lucky they are both so smart. Even with the play, Jordan came home with 4 A+s and 2 As on her latest report card!
I am in one picture with one of the crew since I was in charge of selling tickets. Jordan is with Michael in another picture - she amazed us, we were speechless after her performance!

Life is good!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Erin

Happy Easter everyone! Thought I would take the opportunity to post some pictures to show how much Erin has changed in the last 3 months. She is keeping us busy, but has been letting us sleep more recently!