Thursday, December 31, 2009

I asked Scott if he was going to say "Twenty-ten" or "Two thousand and ten." He said probably
"Twenty-ten" because it's shorter. I think that's my choice, but it may take some time after saying, "Two thousand", "Two thousand and one" etc. He also mentioned the debate as to whether today is the end of the first decade of the 21st century or whether it will be December 31, 2010? My vote would be the latter, but I think most people think otherwise, the way they did about whether the 21st century started on 1/1/2000 or 1/1/2001. One way or another, it's the end of another year, and I never expected to be around much past 2000, if that long. I took Mom to the New Years Eve party in the chapel at 2:00 this afternoon. We didn't stay long. She couldn't have eaten or drunk anything available anyway. I talked with her this evening about the New Years Day we spent flying to California. We had been out there since October, and had been home for Christmas. My boss, Dave Nighbert, had promised that. We stayed out there through March. She really enjoyed the time out there, because she got to visit more Spanish missions. We also had dinner once at the Valley Hunt Club, the group that founded the Rose Parade. J. C. Moore, manager of the hose plant in Walnut, lived in Pasadena. He and his wife were members of the club. I wish she had been able this evening to reminisce with me. Maybe she did, and I just didn't know it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter, and It's Not Winter Yet

We got just under 2 feet of snow on Saturday. I know the Virginia branch also got a pretty good amount. Winter starts today. I hope this isn't an indication of what is in store for the rest of the season.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emma's judo belt test

Emma continues her love of Judo! She just tested on Saturday for her 2nd degree belt (yellow with an orange stripe).

Monday, December 14, 2009

We had the privilege to attend the 110th Army-Navy game in Philadelphia this past Saturday. Here are some pictures from the pre-game events. The stands look somewhat empty because it was still a couple of hours before the game began when the cadets and midshipmen marched in. About 15 parachutists dropped into the stadium, and the 4 aircraft overflying are V-22 Opsrey tilt rotor special operations aircraft. The first picture is the West Point cadets. The second picture is the Annapolis midshipmen.

We have a family connection to this game. Truman Oscar Murphy, West Point class of 1891 played center for the Army team. He is your great, great or great, great, great uncle depending upon you generation. He would be my great grandfather's brother. I have a write up of his career from the 70th Annual Report of the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy, 1939 in pdf format if you would like to see it. Send me an e-mail.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 November, 1944
As reported by J. D. Andrew
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Aulick DD569

“This vessel was assigned as an anti-submarine patrol vessel on patrol between Homohon Island and Dinagat. The northern half of this patrol was patrolled by the U.S.S. SAUFLEY, the southern half by this vessel. The length of the individual patrol lines was four and a half miles, a patrol speed of 18 knows was used. As this vessel approached the southern end of the patrol, radar contact was made on a group of planes and six were sighted at about 1750 Item time. These planes were taken under fire by the condition watch and the ship went to general quarters immediately. One of the planes peeled off from the formation and made a dive attack from the relative bearing of185, dropped his bomb near frame #110 port, struck the SC radar antennae and exploded on hitting the water approximately 20 yards off the port bow without further damaging the vessel. At this time it was also noted that the U.S.S. SAUFLEY was also under attack. Another plane started in on a run from about 200 relative then turned and made an “S” turn on the starboard side and came in from a relative bearing of 180, struck the starboard guy on the mast and the starboard side of the bridge windshield. Both plane and bomb apparently exploded just above the main deck outboard the ward room. Both of these planes were fired upon by 5”, 40mm and 20mm. The first plane to attack was not on fire before hitting the water but burst into flames at that time. The second plane was noted to be burning from several hits as it passed over the stern. The explosion of the second plane set fire to powder in number two gun and handling room and killed the men therein as well as several of the men on guns 41 and 42. The fragments from either exploding bomb or plane killed and wounded men on the flying bridge and the bridge area. Total casualties, 3 officers and 28 men killed, 1 man missing and wounded 64. Among those wounded were the doctor and one pharmacist’s mate on duty in the wardroom.”

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Steve's birthday in Chicago

Steve and I spent his 50th birthday in Chicago. We took the Amtrak train from Hastings, NE to Chicago.
These two pictures were taken out our hotel room window.

On the observation deck level of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower).
Model railroad display in the Museum of Science and Industry.

Our train on the way home (and our car attendant Bob).

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas Wind Farm

Steve is at the Loraine, TX. site where Third Planet Windpower (TPW) is constructing their first wind farm. He is a part of turbine inspections in advance of the towers being commissioned to go “online” and produce electricity. This involves actually climbing towers and completing a checklist of items inside the nacelle generator head.
He sent these pictures this morning, with the following comment:
OK – attached is the evidence that TPW actually owns an operating wind farm in Loraine, TX. Also proves I can also be foolish as well.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Thought I would add in some of my favorite Erin photos since we have not posted any pictures recently. We are all heading to Seattle this week. I am speaking at a conference and Sarah and Erin are coming along. We are looking forward to the trip!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Had a nice visit with Eileen, John and Anya. They got here about 9:45 Friday morning. We went over to see Mom later in the morning. We visited in the chapel area until about noon. They went to lunch while the food was served in 600, then came back here and stayed until about 3:15. Interesting news about a family get-together in April. I'll have to see what kind of arrangements are available here.

Today is an anniversary of sorts for me. The Aulick arrived at Leyte 65 years ago and got the first taste of combat the next day while protecting the underwater demolition teams clearing the beach for the troops to go ashore the following day.

Clint Eastwood's Mission Inn

Here are some photos of Clint's Mission Inn. He bought an old sheep farm which was about to be torn down and replaced with condos. The buildings are old and wood frame and contain many out buildings in which people can stay and eat. The restaurant is where we ate and we ate on the verandah.

Friday, October 16, 2009

In Carmel

Melissa, Dave, Molly, Pat and I had a great time in Carmel, California. The weather was cool but sunny. We went on the 17 mile drive, to the Monterrey Aquarium, shopped in Carmel by the Sea, went to the beach there, and visited Point Lobos State Reserve. We burned a wood fire in the mornings and evenings and walked the mountains of the Highlands of Carmel. A good time was had by all!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I wanted to post a few more pictures of Jack now that he is getting close to 7 months. Also we have switched websites and now use Shutterfly; if you want to view his pictures you can use the link below and the password is jack. There are A LOT of pictures because he has so many expressions....and he is too cute:)

He is too funny when he gets on all fours and does the “praying mantis” sways back and forth, we are waiting for him to pick up a leg or arm and move forward….any day now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Celebrated Mom's birthday today. Went to church, then after her noon meal, had a "party" with the other residents with a chocolate birthday cake (with two big numeral 8 candles) and ice cream. Can't really attest to the amount of significance she attached to the day as a whole, but before I left this evening I asked her if she had a nice birthday, and she said "Uh-huh." I guess you could call that a conversation - closest we've come to one in a long time. Thanks for the cards and flowers. She also had cards from Nelson, Ann and Ralph Podas and Chaplain Jensen.
This is the Neighborhood House in St. Paul. They provide services for immigrants and refugees.

We've had a great time in Northfield, for St. Olaf's Homecoming and Family Weekend. The weather couldn't have been nicer yesterday for the football game - St. Olaf beat Augsburg 24-14. Today we're going to church on campus, then heading home after lunch. Whitney will be home at the end of October for fall break.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More family travels I know about: Tomorrow Megan and Steve will go to St. Olaf for parent's weekend and will go to the homecoming football game Saturday - "as long as it doesn't rain." Whitney has been going to her "practicum site", the Neighborhood House in St. Paul, once a week, and will be going there every day starting in October. I don't remember what social work category the Neighborhood House fits into.
Had good recent visits with Sally and Mike last Friday, and Scott Tuesday and yesterday. Sally and Mike were on their way to Lakeside for two weeks. Don't know what the weather there has been like. Here it has been warmer than normal, but not very sunny; and next week will be cooler than normal. Scott was in town to sit in on a new ASTM course on flammability of mattresses and upholstered furniture scheduled in Columbus. So he came here the day before and came back again Wednesday for a while after the session. Next visitors will be Eileen and John on 10/16. Family travels that I know about are Pat, Steve, Melissa, Dave and Molly to Carmel on 10/3, and Maureen and Scott to Bermuda on a cruise also on 10/3. Tomorrow I'll pick up a cake I ordered along with some ice cream to take to 600 to have on Sunday to celebrate Mom's 88th birthday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Molly and Jack

We visited with Melissa, Dave, and Molly over Labor Day weekend and we just returned from a visit with Kevin, Emily, and Jack. Both babies are bundles of joy and they are growing quickly!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Luis' visit

Here are some pictures that Luis took during his stay with us at the end of August.

Whitney and Luis in Harmon Park, near our house.

Whitney and Luis, at the Frank House in Kearney.

At the Jenkin's ranch - this was Luis' first time horseback riding.

Whitney and Luis met up with a friend in Minneapolis, and saw the Vikings-Cowboys pre-season NFL game.

And I couldn't resist including this beautiful picture from Mexico.