Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nettie Maria Hagerman


Here is a picture of your great, great grandmother Nettie Maria Moulton Hagerman. A friend of mine is HOOKED on and has posted things for our family tree as well. I'm sure you have seen this but since it is Christmas, a "visit" with family is fun!


Truman said...

That's my "Granny" who lived with us while I was growing up. I can't figure out where the picture was taken. What looks like a park pavilion is in the background, so it might have been at a family reunion. Your father has been sending me other excerpts from that web site, but I haven't been able to view them. I guess he is going to send me printouts in the mail.

Mike said...

I found that photo the other day while searching around on and put it on the site. Some other Hagerman had it on their site, and it was available.

Sarah said...

That's great! (and funny that you did it...I thought someone else had!)

Scott said...

In our family room I have a photo of the William Gurley Hagerman family with Nettie Maria and Nettie May, a photo of the John Andrew Murphy family with Willard, a photo of the Anderson brothers circa 1900, and a family photo of the William Beverly Anderson family with Maud.

Sarah said...

Uncle Scott, if you scan them and give them to dad (or me) we can add them to