Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We had some good news today. On Monday I had my 4th chemo treatment. This time they drew blood to check the tumor marker for my upper GI tract where we think the cancer is located. A normal tumor marker for the upper GI tract would be 30. When I first saw my oncologist after Thanksgiving, my upper GI tract tumor marker was 6,000. It was 9,000 by the time I started chemo. The latest test showed the tumor marker has reduced to 5,800 which means the chemo therapy is working. I have a CT scan on next Monday that they will compare to a CT scan I had just before beginning chemo. Hopefully that too will show a reduction in the cancer. This is the first good news we have had since before Thanksgiving, and we thank God for it.



Friday, March 11, 2011

Chaplain Jensen has a part time position as Visitation Pastor for, guess where, All Saints. He had spoken to the Bishop about such a position, and I guess Pastor Bonnie did also shortly thereafter. So we may see him from time to time, but will miss seeing his wife, Nona.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonight, a local PBS fund raising program included the Lawrence Welk orchestra playing a collection of big band themes and other songs those bands made popular. Mom watches the regular Welk show and appears to enjoy it. But she seemed to especially enjoy this program tonight. I know her brain still functions to some degree from the way she knows to do some routine things like lifting her feet to allow me to push her in the wheelchair and lifting one foot at a time to allow her socks and shoes to be put on. I wonder if there's a place still intact in the memory where once familiar music still lingers. The smile on her face at times tonight made me think there might be.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Here's some surprising news from Summit's Trace. Chaplain Jensen will be leaving at the end of the month. When Peregrine took over on April 1, 2009, it was agreed that the chaplaincy would be continued for two years. It will not be continued, at least not with Jim Jensen, beyond that. He doesn't know what the future may hold for Sunday worship services. He will be a visitation pastor on a part time basis for another church until his wife Nona, who works at the seminary, turns 65 and is eligible for full retirement. Then they plan to sell their home in New Albany and move to Tennessee, where they already own a lot in a senior community. There hasn't been any official communication with residents on this, so most of them will be surprised when they do learn about it. Some, I imagine will be very upset. Nelson sure was when I saw him in the hall today and told him. At a meeting announcing the Peregrine take over, there were pointed questions from residents and some relatives about the chaplaincy and Jensen and their importance. Some residents might move, or be moved by their families if the issue is that important to them. But many residents in the care center (nursing home) are on Medicaid. I have no idea how mobile they might be, as far as actually moving out is concerned. The same is true in assisted living where more and more are on the Assisted Living Waiver program where we are headed - Mom first and me as well in time. Not all facilities will accept such cases.