Friday, November 29, 2013

NARRATIVE OF ACTION 29 November, 1944 As reported by J. D. Andrew Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Aulick DD569 “This vessel was assigned as an anti-submarine patrol vessel on patrol between Homohon Island and Dinagat. The northern half of this patrol was patrolled by the U.S.S. SAUFLEY, the southern half by this vessel. The length of the individual patrol lines was four and a half miles, a patrol speed of 18 knows was used. As this vessel approached the southern end of the patrol, radar contact was made on a group of planes and six were sighted at about 1750 Item time. These planes were taken under fire by the condition watch and the ship went to general quarters immediately. One of the planes peeled off from the formation and made a dive attack from the relative bearing of185, dropped his bomb near frame #110 port, struck the SC radar antennae and exploded on hitting the water approximately 20 yards off the port bow without further damaging the vessel. At this time it was also noted that the U.S.S. SAUFLEY was also under attack. Another plane started in on a run from about 200 relative then turned and made an “S” turn on the starboard side and came in from a relative bearing of 180, struck the starboard guy on the mast and the starboard side of the bridge windshield. Both plane and bomb apparently exploded just above the main deck outboard the ward room. Both of these planes were fired upon by 5”, 40mm and 20mm. The first plane to attack was not on fire before hitting the water but burst into flames at that time. The second plane was noted to be burning from several hits as it passed over the stern. The explosion of the second plane set fire to powder in number two gun and handling room and killed the men therein as well as several of the men on guns 41 and 42. The fragments from either exploding bomb or plane killed and wounded men on the flying bridge and the bridge area. Total casualties, 3 officers and 28 men killed, 1 man missing and wounded 64. Among those wounded were the doctor and one pharmacist’s mate on duty in the wardroom.”

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When I see the devastation to the city of Tacloban in the Philippines, I remember it was clearly visible from the Aulick as we protected the underwater demolition teams clearing the beaches the day before the troops went ashore in October 1944. It is near where MacArthur waded ashore sometime later. By this time in November the harbor was full of ships, and it's hard to imagine the scene if a typhoon had hit there.

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Scott, Maureen & Sally in Jamestown in 2009.  Pocohantas is in the background.  I treasure the times we had with them in recent years and miss him a lot.

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Remembering Scott on the first anniversary of his death. I still find it hard to believe and miss those Friday afternoon telephone calls.