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This photo has appeared elsewhere, but I thought it should be here too.  Happy Memorial Day to all who have served.
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Wise words from a surprising source:     Don't know how I happened to see it on the internet, but Cindy Crawford was giving some advice about living.   She said, "Don't wish away the present."    How easy to be thinking ahead and anticipating some future event or happening and not really living the present moment.   She also said, "You can't multi-task presence."   Reminded me of seeing people punching away on their iphones etc. right in the presence of others.   It also reminded me of a booklet Nelson gave me years ago titled:   THREE - LINED OBSERVATIONS by Robert D. Andrews, a friend of his.   The observation is:

                            "This is the moment
                                I am with you.
                              I have no other." 
Interesting contrast.
Two men, both Primrose residents, died in April.   The obituary for one was three inches wide and nine inches long and appeared three times in the daily paper.   The other obit was an inch-and-a- half square, said the man "cashed in his chips early Tuesday morning" and that a local funeral home was assisting with arrangements.   It was in the paper just once.    I've read many different descriptions of death but never one that compared it to the last move in a poker game.    I didn't know either man very well, but the second one lived next door to me.   He had heart trouble and hadn't been out of his room for several weeks.   He died at 5:00 am on April 30, and I didn't hear anything.   I was surprised when someone told me at lunch.