Monday, August 30, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally

On 8/28 Sally and I attended the Restoring Honor Rally held at the Mall in Washington, D.C. It was one of the most inspirational events I have ever attended. Some estimated that 500,000 attended. These photos give some idea of the crowd which went from the Lincoln Memorial to past the Washington Monument. It was not a political event. The event was to support the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Speakers like Sarah Palin and others called on all Americans to renew their commitment to God and concentrate on Faith, Hope and Charity in order to restore America to what the founding fathers envisioned. I was a beautiful although warm day, and a wonderful crowd.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I found out today that the residents in 600 will be moved to 200. That means both Mom and I will be moving. Katie McMahon has suggested 201 for Mom and 332 for me. 201 is the same layout as 611, and 332 is the same as 214, so furniture arrangements can be the same as they are now. A big difference will be the distance between the rooms. They are just a few steps apart. 201 and 332 are the first ones off the long hall. I'll like that. The walk from 214 to 611 has been getting longer. I was never able to figure out why 200 wasn't made the secure corridor to start with. The nurses should like the change. It will save the trek back and forth to dispense meds. Don't know exactly when this will take place. I'll let you know more when I learn more.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A drive down memory lane . . .

A few evenings ago, Pat, Joyce, and I went to Martinis on Main, which is just past Coney Island and City News (yes they are still open). Martinis is an upscale bar and we sat outside surrounded on three sides by high brick walls, with the other side open to a brick paved parking lot. Across the lot is the BMV where we received our new Ohio driver licenses.

As we sipped our tea we listened to the soft music and then we were joined by Tom Moore, a new friend of Joyce’s. He graduated from Senior High in ’64 and said he new Scott, and some of his friends, including Rick Spangler! He just returned to Mansfield after 30 years of living elsewhere. We enjoyed pleasant conversation as darkness began to change the ambiance of the evening as street lights and candles illuminated the surroundings.

Another day I was looking for a warehouse (for a used mower) at the corner of Wayne and Orange streets and I spot the old Tappan building, standing empty. I remember working second shift there one summer, building spray arms for dishwashers. I also remember Mr. Litzler worked there as well. Just down the street I could see the old Westinghouse building. I could imagine the hustle and bustle that once was constant in this neck of the woods. By the way, the Union Hall where Pat and I had our wedding reception is there, but closed with weeds growing all around.

I follow Adams Street over the tracks and then turn left onto Newman Street and drive down memory lane. I pass Newman Park, where Dad used to go to school, but the building has since been torn down. I arrive at the stop sign and catty-corner from me is the building where Uncle Harry had Hollingsworth Tire. I’m not sure what is there now but someone is using the building.

Across the street where the Mansfield Tire used to be are several businesses. I am surprised because the last time I drove past this spot, all the Tire buildings were raised and only empty ground remained. A company called Jay Industries has several buildings erected here, and one of them has something to do with paint. I remember visiting Dad there once and he took me on a tour of the factory. I also remember picking up Scott a couple of times as he worked a summer there. I drive along and remember the building where Mr. Sheldon used to run the tubing machine. Now on that spot there is a Regional recycling center run by Rumpke. It kind of smells of garbage and many trucks are entering and exiting.

I turn around and head south and notice most of the houses along Newman Street are run down with many boarded up. That is the way of much of old Mansfield, but there are many areas that are kept up and some areas which have new business. I suspect it is the same in most towns across America.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

An early morning jog through Woodland

Out the door I go at 5:35am and turn left on Andover Rd. and run along till it dead ends into Overlook Rd. On the way I crossed Stewart Lane, Chevy Chase, Edgewood, and Forest Hill. Some street lights illuminate my way as well as occasional lamps from homes tucked in their yards. I turn left on Overlook and cross Davis Rd. (which is the street Woodland School is on). Between Davis Rd. and Dickson Pkwy. is a beautiful section with a few large homes, which is now almost dark.

After crossing Dickson Pkwy. I run uphill as I cross Woodhill Rd. and then pass the house some say is haunted. It is a large brick home with a turret in the front center, and the yard spans from Woodhill to Woodland Rds. It is dark here so I make my way only by the intermittent moonlight. I turn left on Woodland and jog peacefully along until I turn left onto Edgewood Rd. and follow it somewhat down a gradual incline. A couple of dogs bark at me but they stay in their yards (probably because of invisible fencing).

I arrive back at Andover so I turn right and follow it to Stewart Lane where I turn right and run by the Woodland Garden Apartments (where I am now the building manager [part-time] – oh boy, I’m the BM :) – and that’s another story. I turn left onto Dickson Pkwy. and run up the hill and turn left onto Andover.

Across the street at the corner of Andover and Dickson is an unusual home that was built I believe in the ‘20’s, and some call it the home of the future and others call it the “Westinghouse Home.” I guess when it was built, they outfitted this house with all the latest new gizmos and was completely lighted with Westinghouse bulbs and outfitted with Westinghouse appliances. Of course Westinghouse had a huge plant here in Mansfield that manufactured appliances. Pat’s Dad worked there as a Tool and Die Maker for years until he retired. (The factory is still there and much is unused and dilapidated, but someone is using parts of it as a storage facility).

I arrive back at my house and ascend the steps now barely illuminated by our solar lights along the walkway. I ran alone and saw no one except one car which passed me on Edgewood. So peaceful and invigorating at the same time, and I am grateful for the whole experience!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jonathan's Graduation!

I am very happy to say that Jonathan has graduated from his accelerated nursing program! The past 15 months have been very intense but will no doubt prove to be very rewarding.

Surprisingly jobs for new nurse graduates are hard to come by nowadays. A few weeks ago USA Today had a story on their front page about how tough it is for them to find jobs within the first 6 months of graduating. With that said, we feel VERY blessed that Jon has already had one phone interview with a hospital in Kalamazoo, MI that went VERY well. They are actually bringing him up this Friday for a be sure to say a prayer on Friday for him!!

Mom, Dad, Morgan & Anya came for a couple nights on their way to Steubenville. They dropped off Morgan for her senior year at Franciscan University.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Memories of Mansfield - Glendale Blvd.

Early this morning I went for a bike ride and turned right out of our driveway and continued west on Andover Rd. till it dead ends onto Woodland Rd. I turned left along Woodland Rd. and passed the up ground reservoir (they since took down the water tower), crossed Cook Rd. and continued on Woodland Rd. into South Boulevards. I passed the house where Tim Beard lived and then I turned left onto Courtwright and passed the house I think where “Daughter” lived and then passed Steve Smeltzer’s house. Down the hill I sailed then turned right into the parking lot which bordered Lexington Ave., passed what used to be McClure’s and the soda fountain, and what used to be the Tiffin & Toffee (which is now called Brunches).

I turned right onto Glendale Blvd. and climbed the rise where I passed the Mott’s house. The house where the Mishey’s lived is for sale. Then I passed our house and pleasant feelings and memories surrounded me. The house looks pretty much the same and someone added a lean-to shed structure onto the one car garage – probably for storage. Back at Woodland Rd. Glendale crosses but does not go through, into what used to be Cunning’s field – which is now an upscale subdivision. I turned left onto Woodland and rode till it dead ended into Sunset Blvd. I turned right and passed the Fire Station, then turned right onto Autumn Dr. till it met up with Glendale Blvd, in this subdivision. I think this must have been where Mike and Cousin Tim told us the “Boogey Man” lived – in a groundhog hole in the old corn field.

I passed Cunning Dr. and then came again to Cook Rd. so I turned left and rode past the old Cunning home and barn. On the barn was “E.E. Cunning 1909.” I turned right onto Trimble Rd. and rode past fields of corn and beans till I came to Marion Rd. so I turned right and rode past lush fields and then mansions of the then, Black family. Some horses were grazing in front of one of the houses in this compound. I turned right onto the beginning of Woodland Rd. and rode mostly in the shade caused by the plentiful trees. I think this is where Scott had his mishap where he wrecked his bike and had to go to the hospital where the needle was “on the bone!” I rode by several walkers, including Pat and Joyce. I rang my bell and we exchanged smiles and greetings. This is a regular occurrence for them both, and they enjoy meeting halfway – at the intersection of Davis Rd. and Bigelow Rd. and then walking through Woodland.

I continued on and then turned left onto Andover Rd, and past the Woodland Club and pool. I crossed Woodhill Rd. and then Dickson Parkway and down the hill and left into our driveway. Someone told me that Woodland used to be the Dickson Farm – circa 1900 or so. That was fun and I may write more about our exploits around our hometown. I can’t describe the feelings I have, but it feels good to be home!