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A Taste from the Past

Most of you won't be able to identify with this, but Dad, Mike, Steve, and Eileen will.

Last night, Maureen fixed Mom's pot roast with Lipton onion soup mix. It was delicious, tasted just like Mom's did, and I didn't have to fight my brothers for a second portion.

Friday, May 20, 2011

There will be a big change here next week. Mom will move to room H15 in the Care Center. The administration is reinstating a policy that was in effect back when the owner was Lutheran Social Services. Under that policy, discharge from the Memory Care Neighborhood (I never heard it called that before) will be considered for discharge from there when he or she becomes totally dependent for mobility, feeding, dressing, bathing and grooming. Of course, Mom has been at that care level (Level 4) for some time, and others have been in recent years, but stayed where they were. I had heard about this and mentioned it to Eileen and John when they were here. I told them I would resist such a change, because Mom actually requires less time from the RA's than some of the other residents. But my thinking has changed, and I believe it will be the best for Mom as her condition deteriorates. There are some good nurses in that unit. and the unit manager has a good reputation. I will still be able to eat with her as I do now. That creates somewhat of a problem for me, because H15 is a long way from 332. It's well beyond the 600 hall where Mom first was. I can't walk that far that often anymore, so I'll be getting something I can ride over and back. Don't know exctly what yet, but a man from a company in that business will be here Tuesday. I may be able to buy a used one or rent one until I can get one paid for by Medicare, assuming Dr. Brandt will sign the necessary authorization, and I'm sure he will. You may want to comment here on the blog, but if you have specific questions, ask them in an e-mail.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I missed some dates in what I posted earlier.
Erin was 2 on January 6.
Felicity was 3 and Adelaide was born on January 24.
Jack was 2 on March 13.
Dave's birthday was April 4.
Having started to recognize birthdays, I should go back to the first of the year and include anniversarys. I'll include ages up to 21. I wonder if anyone else has a complete list? If you don't, and would like one, you can compile it from these postings. And, if I make a mistake, or miss any dates, let me know.

In January Mike and Tara were married 10 years on the 13th. Chris was born on the 19th.
In February Nathan was born on the 8th, Katie on the 23rd and Melissa on the 24th.
In March Alex was 15 on the 5th. And Steve M's birthday was the 27th. Daniel and Melanie were 5 on the 29th.
In April Sarah and Richard celebrated their 21st anniversary on the 21st. I was 91 on the 24th.
Heather's birthday was May 4th.

Friday, May 13, 2011

(Day late, but Blogger was "for read only due to technical difficulty" when I tried to post yesterday.)

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