Sunday, September 28, 2008

Had a nice visit with Sally and Mike last Friday. Then Saturday was Mom's birthday. She wasn't sure how to open her gifts (two pairs of pants, a red blouse and a nightgown). She wouldn't take the cards out even after I slit the envelopes for her, but she did smile some as I read the messages and names of the senders. I bought a cake (chocolate sundae swirl) at Kroger and numeral candles 8 and 7, and we had a little celebration after lunch. Mom didn't pay much attention to the candles and wanted to start eating the cake before it was cut. She ate her piece and part of mine. The other residents liked the cake. I might take one there from time-to-time just for a treat.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hi everyone! I'm sitting here waiting for the debates to come on t.v. and wanted to send some photos Hannah took....she is the photographer AND the local model (ham??).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I assume you have read or heard reports of the strong winds and power outages in this part of the country caused by the remnants of Ike. It was an unusual weather occurrence. A cold front was approaching from the northwest and Ike's low pressure center came barreling up along that line which was capable of producing storms on its own. Hurricane force (75 mph) wind gusts were recorded at the Columbus airport. Some trees were uprooted and many branches torn off. Power was lost here and cable as well. This facility has some generator back-up, so I had lights (but no AC). But there were no lights in the Courtyards dining room (some portable lights were used) and there wasn't full power available in the kitchen. So paper plates and plastic utensils were used. I had a dentist appointment at 2:30 yesterday. Phones weren't working, so I couldn't call to ask if the office was open, so I took my amoxicillin and drove there to find a sign on the door. Driving is a challenge when the traffic lights are off, especially crossing Broad street when it's obvious that some drivers don't want to yield to the cross traffic. When I came back here, the power came on just as I came through the door, but it didn't stay on long. Then it was restored about ten last night. Cable must have been restored also in the night. Looking forward to seeing Sally and Mike on Friday. Truman

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding Reception

Tom's parents had a reception for Katie and Tom for all of his family who could not attend the wedding last May. The reception was at a very rustic camp north of Reading, PA. Chris, Alison, and the 3 kids came along also as well as Andy. Sarah stayed in DC because Andy was leaving the party to get a flight to London and then Geneva. He will be there until this coming weekend.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I took Mom to the monthly Birthday Party yesterday evening. Every month Chaplain Jensen leads one honoring those born that month. He cites historical events corresponding to residents' birthdays and mentions celebrities, statesmen etc. who shared that birthday. There usually is a pretty good turnout, helped, I suppose, by punch, cake and ice cream. We usually don't go (didn't go in April) because Mom doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on. But she seemed to enjoy the punch, cake and ice cream. When I say she doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on, I can never be sure, but go by the expression on her face. When we watch TV (Funniest Pets and People, Lawrence Welk, the Gaithers, and old Andy Griffith shows) she seems to be paying attention and may even smile a little. In church, she will follow my finger as I follow the words being read or sung, but doesn't seem to be interested during the sermon. However, when the chaplain and his wife get closer during communion, she starts to watch them and will take the wafer and put it in her mouth, then take the glass and drink the wine. That's an improvement in the last month or so. While she was taking Risperdol, she didn't seem to know what to do. Truman

Monday, September 8, 2008

I haven't posted anything recently, but have enjoyed reading what others have been sharing - quite a range of stuff - lots of rain in Virginia from Hanna, Sarah's new endeavor, great pictures from Lakeside and Tennessee etc. (After passing the place all those years, it was interesting to see inside Mystery Hill.) The blog site is beginning to accomplish what we hoped it might. I don't know how many are reading the postings, but I hope there will be more as time passes. I suppose you have noticed the Archives on the right where you can see what has gone before. If anyone who is reading this is not an author and wants to be an, let me know.

There's not much new to report from here. Looking forward to seeing Sally and Mike next week and Eileen and John next month. Mom seems to be relatively stable physically and mentally, although she has a bump and bruise on her forehead. To keep her from getting up on her own, her bed is kept as low as it will go. But she was on the floor in the night - probably tried to get up and may have bumped her head in the process. I took her outside after her lunch today, and we watched the men's US Open final after her dinner tonight. She always liked to watch tennis, and seemed to be watching the play this evening. In the morning and at noon I have been singing her to sleep (same old bedtime songs and some hymns). That doesn't always work after dinner. It didn't this evening. She was still awake, although pretty drowsy when I left. But the nurse usually comes about that time to give her medicine, and wakes her anyway.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


We have 6 inches in our rain gauge from Hanna. It is mostly past here now , but there's lots of flooding in the area. Wind wasn't too bad, so we didn't lose any trees here. Now we wait to see where Ike will hit.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Mystery Hill

Dad reminded me that I didn't mention our trip to Mystery Hill & Prehistoric Forest at Lakeside. Well, ever since Maureen and I have been going to Lakeside, she has always wanted to go to Mystery Hill. My response was always "No, it's a ripoff." This year she announced she was going to take Shawn to Mystery Hill--kind of sneaky using a 6-year old, but it got her there. Guess what? It's a ripoff.
As we went in, Shawn told Maureen he would hold her hand in case she got scared. We talked to the owner who told us he had bought the place after it had been closed for several years due to tax problems. He said he had really upgraded the place and that it was really cheesy when he got it. I can't imagine how bad it was in the 60s. He also said he had some major improvements planned for next year. Hah!
So for all of you other potential Mystery Hill visitors, save your money.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


OOPS! I meant

Sorry everyone!

Hello family!

Hi everyone! This is a fun way to connect....everyone needs to add some pictures! The Schwartz family is doing well. School is in full swing and Alex is in a Christian school this year. He has made the adjustment well, but we will ALL miss our yearly Lakeside trip..this would have been year 9!!!

I just made a transition into part-time working with a new non-profit started by our close friends. I will be their Administrator/Development Officer though all of us are volunteers until January. I'm taking some courses on Grant Writing at our local university and I'm excited about this new phase. We are still working on the website but you can look at

Hannah is 14 now, Alex 12, Emma 8. I'll add some pictures.

Richard is doing well too and we hope everyone has a great fall!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Our 10 days in Lakeside were very relaxing. We left Columbus after visiting with Mom and Dad and headed north. Our GPS took us up I-71 to Route 13 through Mansfield to Rt 250 to Rt 2.

We stopped at East Harbor for a picnic lunch upon arrival and were surprised to find temps in the high 60s. In fact, we only had 2 or 3 warm days with the rest having highs in the 70s. A northeast wind blew for several days with the dock closed with waves washing over it.

Chris and family arrived on Saturday. They had the cottage on Kenton Row next door to the one Mike's family had in 2003. It was fun having the little ones there and introducing them to Lakeside and Sandy Beach. East Harbor is so shallow now that you can walk all of the way to the breakwaters and not get much past your waist. The kids loved being able to walk out so far.

We had dinner for our 7th anniversary at Nagoya, a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi bar that opened a couple of years ago over by Cheese Haven. It is probably our favorite dining spot in the area. Oh, by the way, Abigail's Tea Room closed last year and was sold. It is now Evelyn's at the Abigail. Not much has changed except that all of the celebrity photos on the walls are gone, there are more choices on the menu, and the prices are somewhat higher.

We also took in the annual Perch Parade and Festival on Saturday in Marblehead.

Prices at the Hotel Lakeside have gone up significantly. The room we were in was the honeymoon suite on the upper 3rd floor corner with windows on the lake and the park. Last year it was under $100/night. This year we paid $135 a night, and next year it will be $160 during the week and $200 on weekends. We will probably get a cottage next year for a week instead of staying at the hotel. Evidently the new director of the association is looking to make money, but he may end up putting Lakeside out of reach of the average family. Gate fees aren't cheap either with us spending over $300 for the 10 days, and the second week was at half price because the programs in Hoover had ended.

The picture is at the Marblehead lighthouse. You can see the waves in the background.