Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marine Corps Law Enforcement Gala

Maureen and I attended the black tie Marine Corps Law Enforcement gala last night. This organization started in the 90s to raise money for scholarships for the children of fallen Marines and law enforcement personnel. They have also provided support to the children of military members killed on 911 at the Pentagon, the USS Cole, and the AF personnel killed at the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.

To date they have given $37 million to these recipients.

Pictured are a cross section of the military. First there is me for the AF who has been retired for 15+years. On the left is Navy Captain Cline. He is the commander at Willow Grove Naval Air Station north of Philadelphia. He will be retiring next September. In between us is Army 2nd Lt Ferry who was just commissioned last June. He is currently serving in the ROTC detachment at Drexel University but will soon leave to join an infantry company.

The speaker last night was Lt Gen Coleman, Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps (top picture center). 4 Medal of Honor winners were also honored. All were Marines from the Vietnam war. Most of the brass from the Philadelphia Police Department were also in attendance along with officers from the department Highway Patrol and numerous South Jersey police departments.


Truman said...

Nice pictures and a great cause.

Sarah said...

I know I should comment on the cause and the gentlemen...but WOW! Maureen you look amazing!!! LOVE the short hair cut!!