Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall in Tennessee

Hi everyone! I love reading updates on everyone! I want to see more grandkid pictures (Eileen!)

Here are some fall pictures and a give away on what we'll use on our Christmas cards. We are all doing well. We are in negotiations for a small farm. We are VERY excited but cautious too as the house was built in 1920 and this is our third attempt (coming Wednesday) at an inspection. Is anything ever easy?? :) I'll keep everyone updated on what happens!


Truman said...

Great pictures again, Sarah. Good luck with the farm. We thought about buying a farm once, but nothing ever came of it. It was before we moved to California, so we wouldn't have lived there very long. Love, Poppop

Megan said...

Great pictures! We miss you guys!

Sarah said...

We miss you too! Do you realize this would have been 9 years since our Family reunion at Lakeside? Emma was 6 weeks old when we were all together! (or am I forgetting one?)

Emily Krouse said...

Has it been nine years.....I was looking through some old pictures yesterday and saw a reunion picture at our house in Ohio on Concord rd. It had to have been in the past 6 years b/c Kevin is in the picture. I think everyone was going up to Lakeside and made a stop at our house....if my memory is correct :)

Leigh Born said...

Sarah, your family is BEAUTIFUL! I can't beleive how long it's been since we've seen each other, your kids have grown so much!