Thursday, November 20, 2008


Our deal with the farm is off...I am sad but relieved because of the REASON. We finally had an inspection that showed THOUSANDS of dollars in damage...specifically structural and water damage.

We are disappointed but at the same time SO thankful for inspections. Emma (who HATES change) was relieved and later said "Well, you really don't need a new house when you already have one." I asked her what she meant since we don't have a new house. She said "Well Nonnie and Pop (that's what she calls mom and dad) have one." I said, "Yes, honey, but we don't LIVE with Nonnie and Pop so it isn' t the same!" She said, "Well, we can just enjoy theirs."

O.k! Lesson in contentment!



Anonymous said...

It's interesting how things work out. Sometimes our heart pulls us one way and our mind tells us something else. Cudos to you for waiting till you did your homework before making the final decision. That is a mature way to look at things and tell Emma, Uncle Steve agrees with her!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Uncle Steve, I will! :)