Monday, September 3, 2012

Interesting day here at Primrose.  I met a man who worked at Mansfield Tire for a while when I was there. Another man delivered the mail to our house on Coleman Road.  At lunchtime a woman at another table recognized me as a former member of First Lutheran Church.   She said she had a church picture book I was in, and brought it to dinner for me to look at. It was printed in 1972.   Mom, Megan and I are in it.  Looking through it was like a trip down memory lane.

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steve said...

I think it is interesting you are meeting people you may have known in the past. The man from Mansfield Tire worked in the accounting dept. if I remember correctly. By the way, First English Lutheran Church is the only building on the block of Park Ave. West between Mulberry and Walnut because they tore down the Leland Hotel years ago and recently the other buildings next to Luther Hall. Now there is a big parking lot!