Thursday, September 27, 2012


Remembering Mom's birthday.   This would have been her 91st.   Birthdays hadn't meant much to her for several years.   I doubt if she was even aware of them.   But I do remember one, when before I left for the night, I asked her if she had had a nice birthday.   She said, "Uh huh."   That may have been the last thing she ever said.    These days I really miss her.   Just had some new furniture delivered and know she would have liked this place.  


steve said...

I said a prayer of gratitude to Mom on her birthday, thanking her for bringing me into this world and bringing me up with kindness and with love in her heart. I love her always and in all ways. Thanks Mom!

Mike said...

I thought of Mom on her birthday too. I have nothing but happy memories of her.

Rebecca Anne said...

Can you take some pictures of the new place?