Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas Wind Farm

Steve is at the Loraine, TX. site where Third Planet Windpower (TPW) is constructing their first wind farm. He is a part of turbine inspections in advance of the towers being commissioned to go “online” and produce electricity. This involves actually climbing towers and completing a checklist of items inside the nacelle generator head.
He sent these pictures this morning, with the following comment:
OK – attached is the evidence that TPW actually owns an operating wind farm in Loraine, TX. Also proves I can also be foolish as well.


Mike said...

Wish I could have one of those wind mills in my back yard.

Anonymous said...

I guess Steve doesn't have a fear of heights! Renewable alternative energy is a win for all of us. Be safe Steve and thanks for sharing Megan!

Sarah said...

WOW!!! That is SO amazing!! I'm with dad...I'd love to have one!