Monday, October 6, 2008


Our visit to Lakeside was quieter this year since Sarah and her family could not go. We still stayed in the same cottage since the price is right and the location good. Our weather was cool, but not much cooler than back in Virginia. We got a little rain the first week, and only had one morning we couldn't walk. The wind was out of the Northeast most days, which blew in some type of algae that I had read about. It smelled bad, and was supposed to give you a skin rash if you were in it. We went over to East Harbor one day, but it was too cool to sit on the beach. There were not many boats out perch fishing most days due to the rough water. They tend to close the dock these days when any waves splash up on it, which frustrates me because it used to be fun to dodge them. Must be some type of liability issue.

We took the ferry to Kelley's Island and road our bikes around it again. The perch lunch at the Pump was good as always. I have not been used to bike riding as I have in the past, so was a little tender by the time we were through.

We ate at Mon Ami winery, which is our favorite place up there these days. Also, Abigail's is now Evelyn's at the Abigail, which Scott told you about. Meals our more upscale, so more expensive, but the food we had was very good. They are doing a total renovation of the place over the winter, and we look forward to seeing it next year. They closed up for the season the last weekend we were there.

As always the ambiance of the place and the quiet this time of year is very enjoyable. There can't be many places in the country like Lakeside. Its also nice to see all the Ohio State flags and shirts that I don't see much of around Virginia.


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