Monday, October 20, 2008

Had a nice visits with Eileen, John and Anya. I said visits because they were here Saturday afternoon and then again Sunday afternoon. You can tell from the posting previous to this that part of the time was spent getting them invited and established as authors for the site. We can look forward to some interesting postings about things that will be happening in their family lives. While they were with Mom, she looked from one to the other very intently while they talked to her. I don't know how to describe my feelings as an observer. Glad, of course, that she was more responsive than during previous visits, but sad,too, thinking of all she would have had to say to them just a few short years ago - and also wondering what was really going on in her mind while looking into faces once so familiar. Those of us on this side of the curtain that separates us will never know, but let's believe that the bonds between her and us are the eternal kind - still there even if we can't understand the reasons for this temporary transmission interruption.


Megan said...

You bet that the bonds between Mom and us are the eternal kind. This is not our home, but we will all spend eternity together. Praise God.

Stephen said...

Sounds like the visit with Eileen's family was a good one. I agree with Megan, our family bonds are of the eternal kind and we are spending eternity together - as we are right now. Mom is here with us, even though she may not be able to respond in kind, she loves us as we love her, and as God loves us all!

Sarah said...

Beautifully put everyone!