Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In the beginning was Love

Honoring Mom & Dad's anniversary 72 years ago


Truman said...

Thanks for the posting, Mike. It was a nice sunny day in Portsmouth 72 years ago. Mom told me later she was a little ticked off at me because I didn't come to see her in the morning. I seem to remember thinking the prospective groom shouldn't see his bride-to-be before the ceremony on the wedding day. Anyway, it was the beginning of a long relationship that resulted in the remarkable family we began.

steve said...

Yes and we thank you and Mom for bringing us into the world! You also have a lovely photo of Mom on your desk that you see many times throughout the day, signifying your continued love for the love of your life :)

Eileen and John said...

St. John starts his gospel that way and you and Mom have spread your love through all of us and because of that, through the world in places you never dreamed of. What a blessing and legacy that will live forever!