Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We had a nice program this afternoon outside on the paved area you can see out of my window.   Chairs were set under a temporary awning.   A group of veterans came who serve regularly at flag presentations at veterans gravesites.   They folded a flag, and one of them read the meaning of each triangular fold as it was made.   When the folding was completed a bugler played taps.   Very impressive.     The Activities Director pinned each Primrose veteran present with a flag pin.   Although I don't think all the veterans were there, someone mentioned that the last four men who moved here are veterans.    Tony DeLong of the Richland County Veterans Commission spoke here last week and said forty Primrose vets receive some form of VA benefits.  


Mike said...

I'm glad they honor you all that way.

Eileen and John said...

What a nice tribute to you and the other veterans who gave so much of their lives for our country. It's a great place that you live in!