Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chloe's Baptism

Hi all, I have not posted in a while.  Here are some shots from Chloe's baptism last Sunday at our parish, Our Lady Queen of Peace.  Maureen is Chloe's Godmother, but had a bad fall that morning and could not make it to Arlington.  Alison stood in as a proxy. We missed her dearly.  I left for Ghana a few days later, so it was good to have time with family.  My good friend Eric Young is serving as her God Father.  - Andy


Truman said...

Thanks for the posting, Andy. Great pictures. Chloe is a pretty little girl. Hope things are going well in Ghana.

Andy Murphy said...

Hi grandpa. Things are going well over here, though I am still in set-up mode and re-adjusting to life over here again. I hope to be reasonably settled by this week so we can resume our Friday catch-ups. I skype with Mom, Maureen and the girls directly, but I can also use skype to call your phone directly.

Eileen and John said...


What beautiful pictures for a blessed day! I used to teach at a school named Our Lady Queen of Peace in the Detroit area!