Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't know how many of you know this story. Eileen sent it to me some time ago. Don't know where I filed it, but I remember enough to get the idea across. I emailed it to Maureen, who's been thinking about buying a dog. Walking down the street, a man sees a sign in a window - Talking Dog for Sale. He goes to the door and is told the dog is in the back yard. Indeed, the dog is back there, and engages the man in quite a conversation. Along with other amazing stuff, he tells how he had worked for the CIA and was valuable because he could hang around and listen to people tell secrets, never realizing he could understand, then tell others what was being said. The man returns to the house and asks what the owner wants for the dog. The owner says: "Ten dollars." "Ten dollars? That's all you want for dog that can talk? Why such a low price?" "Because he's a big liar. He never did any of that stuff."

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steve said...

Funny - it reminds me of the one about the walking catfish.