Sunday, January 13, 2013

I spent the day quietly.   Didn't go to the dining room - guess I didn't want to make small talk, or any kind of talk for that matter.   It's not as though people I eat with wouldn't be sympathetic.   They have had similar losses.   One woman lost her husband in November.   He had Alzheimers.   She also has lost a son who was only in his thirties.   (Her name is Margaret, by the way, and people call her Peg or Peggy.)   I re-read parts of the last of a series of books sent to me by the All Saints Stephen Ministers.   The mailing was timed to be received sometime around the first anniversary of the death of a loved one - a day that can be very difficult for some, the degree of which will vary with everyone reading this.   I have to admit the tendency to relive those last few minutes with Mom.   I get up in the night to go to the bathroom.   One time this morning I woke up at 2:00, so I was awake at 2:06.    The book is well written, and like others in the series, advises that no one kind of mourning fits all, so don't be overly concerned if what you feel is different from what others say they have experienced.  


steve said...

Each of us mourns differently and however that is - is okay. We paused to remember Mom yesterday as well, and I'll always remember her heartfelt smile.

SCM said...

Remembered Mom in prayer in church on Sunday. She was such a special Mom and I thank God for her life and love.