Sunday, November 11, 2012

Here is a wonderful thought from the sympathy card we sent to Maureen that we all need to remember:
     "To carry on with a heart full of memories is to be wholly and lovingly  human.  To heal day by day is to build a bridge of love that will reach far beyond time into forever."

     It was a blessing to see all of you at Scott's funeral.  May our prayers be with Scott's children, grandchildren and Maureen to cope with life without their hero.

                                  God bless you all and thanks for being such a great family,

                                                     Eileen and John and family


Sarah said...


Truman said...

Thanks - very meaningful.

steve said...

It is true, especially when we carry forward our loving memories and leave behind, through forgiveness, those thoughts and actions which tend to be hurtful to those we love and to ourselves. Being unitive in spirit enables our true potential.