Sunday, July 8, 2012

St. Louis

We enjoyed meeting some of Luis' family in St. Louis the past few days. The top picture is on the Arch grounds, where we watched the fireworks.  Luis' sister Lily and mom Sophia are in front of Steve. Then there are two aunts, cousin Edgar, and Whitney's friend Ashley.
The next picture is basically a photo op for Luis' family to be able to get pictures with him in his cap and gown, since they weren't here for his graduation ceremony a couple weeks ago (he has one more term and will finish school in September, but DeVry only has one graduation ceremony per year).
Then I included the last picture because the office building Whitney works in is right behind the Budweiser scoreboard - pretty cool!


Truman said...

Thanks for the posting, Megan. Great pictures. I'll have to study them some more.

Sarah said...

That's great they all got to visit! Had you met any of his family before this?

Megan said...

No, this is the first time we had met Luis' family. They're all so very friendly, warm, and fun!