Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonight, a local PBS fund raising program included the Lawrence Welk orchestra playing a collection of big band themes and other songs those bands made popular. Mom watches the regular Welk show and appears to enjoy it. But she seemed to especially enjoy this program tonight. I know her brain still functions to some degree from the way she knows to do some routine things like lifting her feet to allow me to push her in the wheelchair and lifting one foot at a time to allow her socks and shoes to be put on. I wonder if there's a place still intact in the memory where once familiar music still lingers. The smile on her face at times tonight made me think there might be.


Sally said...

Hi Dad. Just recently I read some place about treating coma patients through music therapy. The music somehow penetrates the brain and the patient reacts and sometimes is freed from the coma. Christian music has been used as therapy in many cases. Mom has always loved music so I am not surprised she still reacts to it. The brain is marvelously created. I am glad Mom still enjoys music.

Sarah said...

That's great! And I echo about music. Music therapy is an amazing thing right now. Richard just told me he heard of a book called "Into the Mist" and I can't remember the gentleman who wrote it but it is HIS autobiography he started writing after he had gotten a diagnosis of alzheimers. Richard cried through the podcast listening to this man's heart. I'm going to try to get the book and I'll let you know if I find it.